I’M a bit perplexed – my MP, Antoinette Sandbach has voted for the Brexit withdrawal deals from both Theresa May and Boris Johnson.

In September she released a statement saying she had now been persuaded to support a second referendum. Despite this, she voted for Mr Johnson’s deal on October 22. She then went on to state, on October 30, that she was standing again as an Independent candidate in Eddisbury. She has now joined the Lib Dems to stand at the election seeking to revoke article 50 and cancel Brexit altogether.

So she voted to withdraw from the EU four times, came round to supporting a second referendum a month ago, and has now changed her mind so scrap the second referendum and simply cancel the result of the first referendum. Quite frankly, it’s difficult to keep up with her.

Let’s hope Eddisbury residents get a new MP on December 12, who is consistent and stands up for the people they represent.

Emma Platt, Davenham