I cannot let Paul Hurley’s fatuous letter ‘Hope MP not in election’ (Guardian, October 31) go without a response.

His knowledge of Antoinette Sandbach’s voting record is woeful.

Three times she voted for May’s Deal, so his assertion that she wishes to stop Brexit is not factual.

She was a criminal barrister for 13 years, being voted onto the Bar Council no less. Looking rather silly? I would love to see Paul make that assertion in her presence. I have a feeling he would come off worse.

I must declare an interest. I live in Eddisbury and have had many dealings with Antoinette on national and local matters. She has an excellent record as a constituency MP. I have a feeling that Paul has had no dealings with her, though I could be wrong.

His wish that she would take no part in the next General Election has been dashed.

Ewen Simpson, Whatcroft