NICE one Sam Corcoran!

Cheshire is famous for it’s dairy and meat, which us farmers are very proud of, so by asking people to stop eating meat and dairy, that’s a hell of a lot of votes you’ve just lost.

Your naivety is astonishing, as many studies have shown that eating meat in moderation and consuming dairy is good for your health, and contributes to a long and healthy life.

Milk has a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients essential for life, while yoghurt contributes to a healthy gut.

Many people who become vegetarian use milk substitute products and meat substitutes that are flown in from other parts of the world, which increases carbon gases through food miles, as well as being responsible for cutting down huge swathes of the rain forests to grow products like palm oil and soya.

We should eat more local food, which would cut down on food miles, as well as supporting farmers in their own county, eh Sam?

Dave Simons, Cheshire Dairy Farmer