A GOVERNMENT inspection has given a 'good' rating to a Wincham out of school facility.

The Ofsted inspection on Wincham Acorns, Church Street, was inspected in June before a report of that visit was published last month.

The facility, which can accommodate up to 40 children, aged from 4 to eleven, operates from a mobile unit in the grounds of Wincham Community Primary School and is run by five staff on behalf of Oak Childcare.

At the time of the visit it had 18 children registered.

The inspector said staff communication with parents was good when they share information about activities the children enjoy. Parents are complimentary about the safe, fun and friendly service the facility provides. The staff provide a welcoming environment where children choose freely from a range of high quality resources and activities. They are also a role model and encourage a positive culture of respect and support and as a result children are confident and demonstrate independence by making their own choices as they help plan activities, prepare snack and pour their own drinks.

The inspection found that key issues including effective leadership, quality of teaching and personal development were all deemed as good

The inspector Isobel Ford said the facility still needed to provide all staff with regular supervision meetings and personal development opportunities to help identify further training needs and improve skills as did information sharing with the host school on children's learning and development.