SCHOOL children who are campaigning for a zebra crossing near their village school have put their case to highways officers.

The children attend Wincham Community Primary School in Wincham, and want to see the crossing created in Linnards Lane, between the school and Linnards Lane playing field.

The aim of the children’s campaign is to provide a safe crossing point between the school and the Spar shop and the playing field.

The Spar Shop is opposite the playing field, near a gate which provides access to a footpath leading to the primary school.

A footpath through the playing field is used by families taking their children to school and collecting them, as well as local residents using the Spar shop.

Pupils were able to make their case for the crossing directly to highways officers from Cheshire West and Chester Council when officers visited the school.

The visit followed a flood of letters to the highways authority last month from children calling for the crossing.

The children are in Laura Miller’s year six class, and wrote individual letters to the council as part of their crossing campaign.

“After writing to the highways department at Cheshire West and Chester Council last month about road safety and creating a zebra crossing in Wincham, our year six class were delighted to receive a visit from three representatives of Cheshire West and a member of the Wincham Parish Council to discuss our concerns further,” said Laura Miller.

“They have promised to look into road safety signs around the school and the possibility of a survey to assess the viability of a zebra crossing between the Linnards Lane playing field and Wincham School.”

The pupils’ campaign has won the support of Annie Makepeace, the chairman of Wincham Parish Council, which has been calling for the crossing.

“We have been asking for this crossing for some time, and it is urgently needed,” said Cllr Makepeace.

“A lot of parents walk their children through the playing fields to the school, and a crossing would make it safer for the children to cross Linnards Lane to make use of the playing field, especially at times when we do not have the crossing lady.

“Cars park all the way down Linnards Lane to access the school, and getting across the road is not safe. The path through the playing field is also used by people who use the Spar shop.”