A MIDDLEWICH supplier has helped the needy this Christmas by providing shoe boxes full of essential items and festive treats.

Resmar Ltd based at King Street Industrial Estate decided to swap its industrial and marine safety equipment for tinned food and biscuits to give back to those less fortunate.

The company put in two weeks of wrapping graft to put more than 80 boxes together for the Salvation Army in Winsford in time for Christmas.

Tracey Barcoe, office manager at Resmar, said: “We managed to take more than 70 boxes in December, and then another 15 just before Christmas Eve.

“Resmar Ltd would like to thank every generous donation we received for our shoe box appeal.

“We were inundated with boxes and, thanks to our generous managing director Robert Barcoe who went to a local shop and bought lots of food toiletries and toys, we were able to make up more than 80 boxes.

“We had boxes for children which included pens, colouring books, gloves or hat and scarf sets, toys and lots of sweets.

“We supplied teenage boxes which included smellies, nail varnishes, gloves, socks and sweets as well as ladies’ and gentlemen’s boxes.”

Resmar delivered the wrapped boxes and unloaded them personally to the Salvation Army in Winsford.

Jean Craven, who has been the treasurer at the Salvation Army for 32 years said: “I cannot express just how grateful we are for Resmar’s help. Just as we were running out of food, they turned up with a van full of boxes.

“They delivered the boxes beautifully wrapped and because of their help they have helped those in trouble this winter with food and comfort.

“We are touched by their generosity as well as the rest of the public.

“This is the worst Christmas we have had for people in need and since last year, it has been an ongoing situation that has been building up. Thank you to everyone for their kindness.”

Tracey added: “I want to personally thank all the team at Resmar they put in two weeks’ worth of work wrapping boxes and putting boxes together we have been amazed at the generosity of people in our community and we all finished for Christmas happy that we had made a little difference to some people.”