A Winsford resident who contacted the council to collect her unwanted second bin was ‘baffled’ to find the authority had instead delivered a third.

Maria Cooke, of Wharton Road, is now the not-so-proud owner of three black wheelie bins, when she only wanted one.

It’s the latest in a series of recycling fiascos reported by The Guardian, which have included fat infested recycling and a disabled Winsfordian forced to drag her bin elsewhere to ensure it was collected.

Ms Cooke said she had tried ringing Cheshire West and Chester (CWaC), but was yet to have the matter resolved.

“We have to have two green bins, because we have a fairly large garden. They left two black ones. I rang them and rang them about it to ask that they would take this extra one away.

“I rang two or three times. Then, for some reason, about two weeks ago, we had a third one left outside the house.

“I rang and emailed again but there was no response. Whenever I’ve spoken to someone at the council about it they say they will come and get it before the end of the day, or before the weekend, but it’s still here.”

“It’s just baffling. I’ve been baffled by the whole thing from start to finish.”

Ms Cooke said things had been made more confusing by the fact her household never received the information pack instructing residents about the recycling changes – which came into effect in June.

A Council spokesman said: “It appears that the instruction to our contractor to collect this extra bin has been incorrectly processed as requiring an extra bin.

“We apologise to Ms Cooke for the inconvenience and we will ensure that the extra bins are collected as soon as possible.”