A WOMAN has warned that parents and children are ‘dicing with death’ on roads near Cledford Primary School.

Jacqueline Moulton was taking her nephew Joshua Eyres home from school when a car reversed and brushed the five-year-old’s arm on a side road off George VI Avenue last Monday.

The ‘near miss’ has been the final straw for Middlewich police who are taking action against those that block the roads and make it difficult for parents and children who are walking.

Ms Moulton, of Moss Lane, told the Guardian that Long Lane South and George VI Avenue are like a ‘motorway’ in the morning and when school finishes.

“Joshua’s fine, the next child might not be,” she said.

“You’re dicing with death when you step off the footpath. There could be children killed.

“It’s dangerous - there needs to be some restrictions.”

Police say that anyone who parks inappropriately will be first advised and then given a fine if they repeat the same offence But if anyone shows a ‘blatant disregard’ for the safety of others then a ticket will be issued immediately.

PCSO Steve Wood, of Middlewich police, said: “The safety of children is something that we are all concerned about and it is shocking when incidents like these occur.

“This particular incident could have had a far more serious outcome.

“As a result of the redevelopment of Cledford Primary School there is now a new entrance and exit which at the moment isn't marked on the road.

“I would advise everybody who comes to pick up children to please be considerate when parking in and around the schools.

“Their vehicle should not obstruct the pavement, I would expect to be able to get a double buggy or mobility scooter past with ease.

“Residents should be able to access their driveways at all times. They should also think about were children are going to cross the road.

“Always make sure your child walks furthest away from the roadside. Never let them run off and if possible hold their hand.”

Clr Rod Menlove, cabinet member for environmental services, added: “We are aware of the traffic issue outside Cledford School.

“We will be visiting the area with representatives from Cledford School and Cheshire Police this week to examine the spot and consider possible solutions.

“In particular, we will look at ways to enhance road safety near the two access points into the school from Long Lane South.”

PCSO Wood also said that Middlewich Primary School and St Mary’s School are facing similar issues.

An ambulance recently had trouble reaching a casualty in Park Road due to parents’ parking.