CREWE motorists are being warned to think before they park, by the area's Police Community Support Officers.

They say that during the school run, roads such as Danebank Avenue are being clogged up by cars parking illegally, causing the road to become gridlocked.

PCSO Dionne Johnson said: “Not only does it cause disruption; it is causing hazards for other road users and pedestrians.

"Last week a car was in collision with a cyclist while both were negotiating the road during peak time rush hour.

“To tackle the problem which is becoming a real concern we have been patrolling the affected areas.

"Five schools on the Wistaston Green and St Mary’s wards expressed their concern regarding the parking of vehicles outside their premises.

"A key concern for all of us is safety for all road users.”

The schools, police, local councillors and Cheshire East Council are working to find a long term solution, but in the meantime a uniformed presence is in place to deter bad parking around the schools in Wistaston Green and St Mary’s area.

This is being done by the PCSOs from local Neighbourhood Policing Team and the Cheshire East traffic officers.

Officers have been patrolling the streets near to schools recently and officers hope the message is getting through to motorists.

PCSO Johnson said: “We have been advising motorists the first time they come to our attention, but when we see repeat offenders or blatant disregard for others safety we give out tickets first time round.”