PLANS to build a new school building for the Winsford E-ACT Academy will go ahead after a £20 million cash boost from the Government.

Schools secretary Lord Hill has announced that the cash will be available to fund a state-of-the-at Academy building on the site fo the former Verdin High School.

In a letter to the Academy sponsors E-Act, Lord Hill said: “As you know, we have had to take some tough decisions on spending in order to address the public expenditure deficit.

“The resources available to us for capital projects are extremely limited. In the light of these constraints, we have decided that the priority for academy expenditure should be determined by the condition of the buildings and the plans for pupil places.”

The Winsford E-ACT Academy opened it’s doors on September 6 and became one of 11 schools run by E-ACT - which received £45 million for three building projects last week.

Clr Charlie Parkinson, of Winsford Town Council, said a new Academy building will bring fresh hope to the town.

He said: “It’s brilliant news for Winsford, particularly for the children who will be able to study in such a state-of-the-art facility.

“Obviously it will be a couple of years before it’s all built but at least the confidence is there now."