DESPITE the promise of new academic excellence and high levels of attainment one thing that can be guaranteed for all children attending the Winsford Academy is a new school uniform.

However, this year, parents will have one less expense to worry about, as blazers, ties, skirts and trousers will all be provided by the academy – for free.

Children will not be able to compromise on any part of their attire, from the length of their skirts to the shade of their trousers.

New Principal Andrew Kilpatrick said the message is simple.

“If you turn up and your not in then you’ll go home,” he said.

“Having a strict school uniform makes a huge difference, it is one of our key notions.

“I often think if the children are looking right then they are thinking right.

“There will be an absolute zero tolerance.”

Every child at the school will receive a blazer, tie, two pairs of trousers for the boys and either two skirts or two pairs of trousers (or a mixture of each), as well as one basic PE kit, comprising of a polo shirt and one pair of black shorts/skirt.

Pupils will represent their house with either a red, green, yellow or blue tie.

House prefects will display their colours on the blazer cuffs, while academy prefects will show them on both their cuffs and collars.

Uniforms will be ready for collection from the academy’s Town site between 9am to 12pm and 5pm to 7pm on September 1, 2, and 3.