WINSFORD residents have been reassured they won’t be left in the dark over plans for a new academy building.

Next month, both Verdin and Woodford Lodge high schools will reopen as the Winsford academy, operating from the two current sites before the proposed plans for new building, to house all students, is complete.

Verdin High School is the current favourite in the bid for the new building but residents living in the surrounding areas say they have been left in the dark when it comes to consultation.

Ruth Hatton, who has lived on Joyce Avenue (the main entrance to the Verdin site) for 40 years, said building an academy on the Verdin site would increase the traffic passing her front door everyday.

She said: “It’s been a deterioration every year.

“When we heard the new academy was going to be built we thought we would be able to put up with this for the next few years, but now we’re told it’s going to be on the Verdin site.

“Can you imagine what it will be like with twice the number of pupils?

“The litter is unbelievable, coaches are left in the avenue with their engines running, we have parents parking up the language is atrocious.

“I can’t believe we are being left in the dark.”

However Clr Charlie Parkinson said that certain issues can’t be addressed until funding for a new building is secured.

He said: “Things are changing hourly, we could have a decision on the money this week.

“The government has agreed for certain cosmetic improvements to make the schools look more appealing for the students in September, but this won’t affect the money for the new school.”

Clr Des Worthington, who is part of the action group to secure the long term future of New Images youth club, said E-ACT will have to take responsibility but there is nothing wrong with showing concern.

“We are 100 per cent behind the new building but nobody knows at this moment in time which position the school could be built on.

“We could have 1,700 students moving to this particular site with students travelling down Nixon drive from Woodford Lodge.

“Until we find out exactly where this school is going to be we can’t really make too much of an issue about it."