THE medals of a Winsford war hero have been returned to their rightful home after more than 90 years.

Sub Lieut Jack Newall left his home in Wharton Hall in 1915 to fight in the Great War, but was killed just a year later on November 13, 1916, at the Battle of the Ancre.

Following the death of his mother Marion – a prominent figure in the community – his medals seemed lost forever until a chance meeting in a remote Scottish bed and breakfast.

Mary Curry, secretary of the Winsford and District Historical Society, explained: “In October 2007 a Mrs Gloria Siggins of Kintyre, was staying at a B&B in Islay, where she met a man with pair of World War One medals he had been given for safekeeping by his late mother, but without any information as to whom they had been issued.

“In his grief, the responsibility was an additional burden, so he was taken aback to meet someone who could help as Gloria was involved in casualty research and the re-homing of military memorabilia.

“We were contacted last autumn and the identity of the medal's owner and full details of Jack's military service was established but the search for an appropriate person to take the medals proved fruitless.”

And so the society’s treasurer Alan Ravenscroft, suggested hanging the medals in Wharton Christ Church next to the organ donated by Marian Newall all those years ago in memory of her son.

A special service of dedication, with representatives of the Sea Cadets, the Winsford Branch of the Royal British Legion and the Winsford and District Historical Society, was held last Wednesday to unveil the medals in their new home.

Mary added: “How did the medals come to be in the possession of a lady in Scotland? This is still a mystery, but it’s possible that as a nurse many years ago, the man’s mother cared for Marian and was given the treasured medals as a token of their friendship and affection.

“We are so pleased to have this piece of history for all to see.”