A WINSFORD man claims to have seen three unidentified flying objects in the town's sky within a year.

The objects were seen above homes in Chesterfield Close in the town.

Chris Alton, 61, who is retired and lives on the close, said: "I was sat on my settee looking through my photo diary and I saw a black sphere out the window in the sky.

"It looked like a lilo that you use on the beach.

"It was quite large, about 30-40 feet long, and the front was vibrating.

"It came quite slowly but passed my roof and it was gone within three or four seconds.

"I didn't feel nervous or scared but it was a staggering experience.

"I was really hoping that someone else would see it as well but they didn't."

On the next occasion Mr Alton saw two silver spheres in the sky at about 25,000 feet high.

Mr Alton said: "The sphere on the right-hand side came down very quickly and then shot back up into the sky in a perfect V shape and then shot out of sight - the whole thing was over in about 45 seconds."

On the third occasion Mr Alton was outside his house talking to a neighbour and saw a large silver sphere object in the sky at the height of a high-flying plane.

The object travelled in a straight line and was watched by Mr Alton for 10 minutes.

Mr Alton added: "I'm the sort of guy that has to find out answers and I can't believe that no-one else saw it."

The sightings, which he made back in 2005, were at mid-afternoon and all on clear days.

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