POLICE have used a drone to track a 15-year-old boy who was spotted riding an off-road motorbike in Winsford.

The teenager fled from police, but officers tracked him using a drone which was filming the incident.

Winsford Wharton Police have since taken to social media to warn people about the rules surrounding the use of off-road bikes.

A member of the police force said: “This bike was being used around the Knights Grange area today by a 15-year-old male who, upon seeing police, made off at speed.

“Unfortunately for him we had our drone filming everything.

“We tracked him back to his home address and paid him a visit shortly afterwards.

“The bike has been seized and will now be sent for destruction.

“If you own on off-road bike, or have children that do, please make sure that you know the rules around using them.

“Be responsible, otherwise you'll be wasting your money as we'll likely be taking them off you.”