SIBLING teachers from Middlewich have successfully launched a book they have co-authored.

Tracey Leese and her brother Christopher Barker have released their debut book, 'Teach Like a Queen', after already gaining attention in pre-sales charts on Amazon.

The former Middlewich High School students have both found success as teachers but feel women are disproportionately represented in leadership roles within the profession.

They want to book to act as an inspirational guide to encourage the next generation of female leaders in the world of teaching.

Winsford Guardian: Tracey Leese and her brother Christopher Barker launched their book in SandbachTracey Leese and her brother Christopher Barker launched their book in Sandbach

After coming up with the idea during lockdown, the pair have now held a successful book launch at bar Six in Sandbach on May 31.

Tracey said: “Around 80 people gathered to celebrate the launch of ‘Teach Like a Queen’.

“The event was a celebration of power women - even down to the support of several female-owned business who donated their services to support the message of the book. 

“Attendees enjoyed canapés and cocktails as they toasted the release of the regal book, well-timed to coincide with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

“We were completely overwhelmed and humbled by everyone’s support, celebrating in Sandbach - a stone’s throw from where we grew up in Middlewich - seemed only right.”

Winsford Guardian: The pair launched the book at Bar Six in SandbachThe pair launched the book at Bar Six in Sandbach

Speaking to the Guardian earlier this year, Tracey, who has been teaching for 15 years, explained the concept behind the book.

She said: "Although teaching is fundamentality a female-dominated profession, senior leaders are predominantly male.

"We came up with the idea of using women who aren't teachers, such as Meghan Markle, and dealing with criticism.

“Also, someone like Michelle Obama and lessons about how women like her have unapologetically gone for their goals.

"The book is basically a celebration of diverse women."

Winsford Guardian: Tracey, Christopher and illustrator Lauren BrownTracey, Christopher and illustrator Lauren Brown

After going to watch a musical about Henry VIII’s six wives, the pair, who were both students at Middlewich High School, had their moment of inspiration.

"When we went into lockdown, we became inspired by that and wrote a proposal, never thinking it would get this far.

"It just gave us time to reflect and think of the bigger picture, which is not normally something you get the chance to do."

Teach Like a Queen is available to buy on Amazon now.