A WINSFORD football club at the heart of its community is hoping to raise thousands to replace an old asbestos-riddled roof at its stadium

Winsford Utd’s Barton Stadium is starting to show its age and the community-led club is looking for help in making sure its facilities are as safe and modern as they can be.

The club, which has suffered a spate of anti-social behaviour problems in recent weeks, needs to raise in the region of £20,000 to replace the roof.

Daniel Eagle, commercial manager at the club, said he understood times were tough on people and businesses at the moment, but that he hoped the community would continue to support the plan.

“Although Winsford’s a big place in terms of the industrial side, we don’t actually get that much support from local businesses, which is a shame,” he said.

“The people who do tend to help and support us here are the smaller businesses.

“There are plenty of larger businesses on the industrial estate but in the past, we’ve found the majority of them aren’t interested when we’ve asked for help.”

The club want to make the stadium as safe as it can for visitors and hope a new roof with open up further opportunities for it to be used by the wider community.

“It’s one of the original stands that was here when Winsford Utd took over as a football club,” Daniel added.

“We’ve always been keeping on eye it to make sure it is as safe as it can be.

“The idea behind the fundraiser is trying to bring the community together, because the safer it is, the more people can use it.

“If people can just spare even a couple of pounds to help that would be amazing.

“We’re also looking to hold different events at the ground during such as a drive-in cinema and car boot sales.

“In return, as well as being able to host more community events at the stadium, we would also like to purchase a plaque with all the names who helped us achieve it

“This will go on the side of the stand and then become part of our history.”

You can help support Winsford Utd by donating to the club via the JustGiving page HERE.