A THEATRE company which staged a memorable show in Winsford is looking forward to returning to the town later this year.

The Mikron Theatre Co., from Marsden, near Huddersfield, recently performed ‘Raising Agents’ at the packed-out Winsford Academy Theatre.

John Malam, chair of the Friends of Winsford Town Park, who offered two free tickets to the performance for Guardian readers, said: “The story of the Women’s Institute was told in Mikron’s fast-paced, lively style of humour and song, with the four-strong cast taking on multiple roles.

“With a change of coat or accent, each actor was transformed into a new character and the audience was transported to a different time and place.

“From Canada, where the WI began, to Anglesey for the start of the WI in Britain, and to the infamous appearance of Prime Minister Tony Blair at the WI General Meeting in 2000, Raising Agents was a whistle-stop tour through the WI’s milestones.

“The Winsford audience loved it, many of whom had come from WI groups across the region.

“And when the first notes of 'Jerusalem' rang out, the audience needed no encouragement to join in with the hymn.

“The cast, visibly moved, lowered their voices as a 200-strong choir sang what is arguably Britain’s national anthem.”

Marianne McNamara, Mikron’s artistic director, said: “We had a fantastic evening performing at Winsford Academy.

“It’s a wonderful space and the crowd were so warm and welcoming.”

For Michael and Kathy Fallon, it was their first Mikron show

They said: “We’re embarrassed to admit, we hadn't heard of Mikron before, and didn’t know what to expect.

“It was definitely one of the best nights out we have had.

“It was so well written ­– a great script, lyrics and gags.

“The show addressed serious social issues, altered our misconceptions about the WI, and at the same time it was so entertaining.”

Mikron will be back in Winsford in September, with their show ‘Red Sky At Night’ ­– a tale about the wild and wonderful world of weather.

Tickets are £13 for full price, £11 for concessions, with a group offer of ‘buy five get a sixth ticket free’ (all group tickets are £11 each).

Order online at fowtp.co.uk/events/ or phone 01606 863540 (John) or 01606 550664 (Sue).