PRIMARY school pupils have put their creativity to the test with a design and technology (DT) day.

Darnhall Primary School in Winsford puts on a DT day every half term, to allow pupils to use their imagination with a hands-on approach.

Sarah Tomlinson, headteacher, said: “Darnhall Primary School took part in a very successful and exciting DT Day.

“We have a DT Day every half term to provide children with an opportunity to use their creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems.”

All school years took park, including nursery pupils who created maps.

Reception pupils designed a ‘carrier’ for fiction hen Hattie Peck, and year one pupils designed a windmill.

Year two children were given the task of building a vehicle to be used on a working farm, while year three and four children designed products that could transport salt.

Collecting swatches and materials for space-themed pillows was up to year five pupils and year six pupils made a working burglar alarm.

Sarah added: “We all had a wonderful DT day and we look forward to welcoming our family and friends to our DT Fair soon.”