AFTER almost three decades of commuting across the region cutting and styling hair, a Winsford salon owner is finally operating in her hometown.

Suzanne Badder, who lives in the Meadowbank area of the town, has been the proud owner of a salon in Bunbury for the last 14 years.

But when fate provided her with an opportunity to operate out of a premises on the High Street, it was one too good to miss.

"I've worked in the hairdressing industry for 28 years," she said.

"I trained in Liverpool and worked in Chester for many years.

"I opened my salon in Bunbury in 2008 and after 14 great years it's now time to come back and settle in my hometown.

"Commuting is now off my agenda.

"I've had fabulous opportunities in my career that have taken me to all kinds of places, but now is the time to hang the car keys up."

Winsford Guardian: Winsford salon owner Suzanne BadderWinsford salon owner Suzanne Badder

Suzanne went on to say how her love of the job keeps her motivated and that meeting people was one of the most satisfying aspects of it.

She said: "I love my job and meeting new people, changing how they feel about themselves, and giving them the confidence to face different paths in their life.

"I also listen to everyone's problems and if I can I help, I will, if I can't, I just listen.

"I feel so lucky to have achieved what I have in the hairdressing industry and I am really looking forward to starting my new chapter in life."

Winsford Guardian:

Inside The Salon Winsford, which has just opened on High Street

Suzanne added how fate had played a hand in her moving to the new premises.

"A friend of mine who is based in the building actually told me the salon was coming on the market," she said.

"So it's a bit like fate really.

"It was an unpassable and exciting opportunity.

"It will be the same staff and same standards, we will just be operating out of more modern and refurbished premises.

"This is an exciting time for us and we are looking forward to our new start."

Winsford Guardian: A view from the first window of The Salon WinsfordA view from the first window of The Salon Winsford

The Salon Winsford is a unisex salon based at 432 High Street.

You can contact them via Facebook or call them on 01606 554200.