THE jury has been sent out in the trial of a teen accused with murdering a man in Winsford.

A 17-year-old from Crewe, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has already admitted stabbing Keagan Crimes in Cheviot Square on October 11, 2020.

However, he denies it was a deliberate act, saying he was acting in self-defence, having been set upon by a group of up to 10 older males, several of whom were carrying knives themselves.

As the trial entered its fourth week Judge Steven Everett, the Honorary Recorder of Chester, finished his summing up of the evidence just before noon on January 17.

During the morning he had provided the jury with a reminder of the evidence provided by the youth, when he took to the stand at Chester Crown Court last week.

"You must be unanimous in your verdicts," he instructed them.

"On both counts.

"You must, all 12 of you, agree.

"You should put a majority verdict out of your mind completely as it is unanimity I require from you."

As well denying the charge of murdering 27-year-old Mr Crimes, the teen also denies stabbing Jason McQuoid with the intention of causing him actual bodily harm - again on the basis of it being an act of self-defence.

During the trial, the court heard how the youth had been part of a group that smashed the window of a property in the town just after 6am on October 11, 2020, in an bid to steal drugs they believed to be kept there.

After running away from the scene and heading to a nearby flat, a group of males wearing balaclavas kicked the door in at around 7am and made threats to the occupants, including the defendant.

Throughout the remainder of the day, the group at the flat received a number of other threats, including messages sent via the social media platform Snapchat, telling them they would be kidnapped and the property set on fire.

After another visit by a gang of men to the flat, where they failed to gain access, the defendant, armed with a 'Rambo-style knife' and four others went to Cheviot Square in an attempt 'to scare off' the men so they would leave them alone.

The teen and his acquaintances, one of whom had a hammer, threatened two men in the Premier store shortly before 10.30pm, and just minutes later, it is believed Mr Crimes suffered the single, fatal stab wound, which sliced through a rib and pierced his heart.

Although the majority of the incident was captured on CCTV, a crucial period of about 15 seconds was not, and it is during those brief off-camera moments the devastating stab was delivered.

"I was throwing the knife in front of me to defend myself," said the teen.

"I never intended to hurt anyone."

After nominating a foreperson, the jury will consider all of the evidence presented to them during the trial, before reaching a verdict.