A TEENAGE murder suspect broke into a home and carried out a knifepoint robbery, just weeks after he fatally stabbed a man in Winsford, a court has heard.

The 17-year-old, from Crewe, who cannot be named for legal reasons, returned to Chester Crown Court on Wednesday, January 12, where he continued to be cross-examined over the death of Keagan Crimes.

Prosecuting barrister, Gordon Cole QC, asked the teen about his familiarity with the court system and using knives as a means of making threats and intimidation against others.

Although the youth admits being responsible for inflicting the single, fatal stab wound to Mr Crimes in Cheviot Square on October 11, 2020, he denies it was done with murderous intent.

Mr Cole told the jury how the teen and another male broke into the home of a couple on December 19, 2020, where the defendant threatened the occupants with a large knife, demanding money.

He had also appeared before the court on April 8, 2020, where he pleaded guilty to being involved in a group assault on two people. During that attack, the defendant had been held in a headlock by one of the victims before he ordered a friend 'to stick him'. The victim was subsequently stabbed in and around the head by one of the other attackers.

"You're more than capable of being the aggressor," suggested Mr Cole.

"You also pleaded guilty to a charge of affray on September 3, 2020, after making threats of unlawful violence.

"In 2020, you more than proved you could do this and using a weapon to do so on more than one occasion."

In another development, the teen also admitted how had ditched the knife used to inflict the injuries to both Mr Crimes and Jason McQuoid. He had hidden the weapon inside an old car tyre in some woodland, as he fled the scene soon after the incident at around 10.30pm.

However, the next day, he arranged to meet two others at Winsford train station and they went to retrieve it.

"I was scared of going to prison and so nobody could find out it was me," the teen said.

"We went to a field by a footpath and a river and that's where we buried it.

"I don't know exactly whereabouts the location is, I'm sorry."

The knife has never been recovered by the police and it wasn't the only piece of evidence the teen managed to get rid of as he also told Mr Cole how he had also burnt the top he was wearing two days later, because 'it had blood on it'.

The defendant had earlier explained how, after the stabbing, he got back home Crewe after telephoning his mother for help, and that she arranged for a taxi to come and pick him up from Cow Lane.

"My sister came in the taxi to pick me up because I'd asked her to bring me some clothes and a drink," he said.

"I was cold and wet because I'd been going through bushes."

After saying he had gone to such lengths to cover his tracks because he was 'scared' Mr Cole suggested the only thing he was scared of was being caught.

"That night you went out looking for trouble armed with a large knife," he said.

"That same knife was used to deliberately to stab Keagan Crimes and stab Jason McQuoid.

"One thing that is clear is that the people chasing you were trying to disarm you.

"You started this whole ball rolling by smashing a window.

"You started it all and you finished it."

The trial continues.