WINSFORD residents have been reacting to plans submitted for the first stage of the £21m development of the town centre.

Guardian readers are overwhelmingly sceptical about the new plans, with many people saying they will 'believe it when they see it'.

Property company Avison Young submitted the planning documents on behalf of Cheshire West and Chester Council for phase one of a wider regeneration of the town centre and surrounding area.

This includes new stores and restaurants, a community hub, garden centre and drive-through coffee shop.

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Reader Simon Boone said: "Winsford has an ever-increasing population and worse facilities than when it was redeveloped back in the 60s.

"This proposal is far too small to serve the town well and a huge concern moving forward since the sale of Dene Drive public car park to Aldi took away public parking spaces.

"Phase one is probably all that’s taking place for a very long time and once complete will disappoint most in the town.

"Winsford needs people pushing for a much bigger scheme and one that serves the town better."

Catherine Archbold added: "I'll believe it when I see it, I've been here 40 years and not seen any improvement."

Siobhan Barlow was one of many readers saying more facilities are needed for children.

She said: "We definitely don't need a garden centre.

"There are so many houses being built with families living in them, how about something we can do as families?

"Something for the kids is what this town needs, not a garden centre."

While some readers did agree with the plans, they doubted they would become a reality.

Jules Vigna said: "How many times do we see the plans for the Winsford regeneration project?

"Sounds good, great headline news, but nothing ever happens."

Meanwhile, Darren Guy commented: "You know, everyone is always running the town down.

"I've never lived anywhere where the locals run it down verbally the way people do here.

"Yes I agree they keep making proposals and not a lot seems to happen but I wouldn't risk opening a high street business in the last two years, would you?

"And those that have are very brave.

"More support and positivity would do the area the world of good instead of the constant running down by so many."