SANTA is all set to visit children around Winsford this year and has a brand new sleigh especially for the job.

He will begin his tour of the streets on Tuesday, December 7 and will be travelling around communities most weekday nights until Wednesday, 22.

The annual event, organised by Winsford and Middlewich Rotary, will see Santa return to the good old days of stopping to talk to children, rather than just riding by giving them a wave.

Dr Peter Robinson, Treasurer of the Rotary, said: "Get ready, boys and girls, Santa is coming to Winsford, and he is looking forward to seeing you all and hearing what he needs to bring you for Christmas this year.

"This year, he came a little earlier than usual, but not to start his work.

"No, he came specially to collect his new sleigh, his last one was getting very old and stiff and hard for the reindeer to pull.

"This one has been lovingly built and donated by John and Steven Cartwright and the team at Tiger Trailers Ltd on Winsford Industrial Estate.

"You can see that Tiger Ted has come out to sit on the new sleigh with Santa and make sure that he knows where everything is.

"Let’s all thank Tiger Ted for braving the cold, he’s not as used to it as Santa."

As usual, Santa will be helped out by his snowmen, friends and members of Winsford and Middlewich Rotary. They will be giving out lollipops and wishing everyone a Happy Christmas; and if you can spare a little change then please pass it on to them so that they can help less fortunate people all year, as well as during these festive times.

Dr Robinson added: "Santa doesn’t have a set route because the weather here isn’t as predictable as back home in Lapland, and some nights are too wet for him.

"But you will be able to find a tracker on the Rotary Facebook page, and this will tell you where he is on any night.

"So, keep your eyes open for Santa, come out and say hello, he really loves to see all your happy faces."