TWO newly appointed independent town councillors say they want to put Middlewich first, rather than party politics.

Colin Coules and Garnet Marshall have been appointed to represent the town's Kinderton ward, after the council's ruling Labour party chose not to contest the seats.

The pair say they want to help what they refer to as 'a forgotten town' get back on its feet and thrive.

Winsford Guardian: Cllr Garnet Marshall outside Middlewich Town Hall

Cllr Garnet Marshall outside Middlewich Town Hall

For Cllr Marshall, a successful career working in the commercial sector has given him a solid background in business and completing projects.

He said: "I've lived in the town since 1988.

"During the pandemic the council started holding their meetings online and I started watching them.

"It provided me with a good insight into how the council was being run and how decisions were being made.

"The other thing was simply by walking around the town every day with the dog and seeing things the way they were and nobody doing anything about it.

"I've been in the service industry for most of my life and worked for BSM (British School of Motoring) where I finished as a Director having started out as a driving instructor.

"I can read a balance sheet and although the way councils do things is different, ultimately it's all to do with money.

"I've not done this for what I personally get out of it, but what I can get out of it for Middlewich."

Winsford Guardian: Cllr Colin Coules outside Middlwich Town Hall

Cllr Colin Coules outside Middlewich Town Hall

For Cllr Coules, a sales director at a packaging and machinery business, it represented a chance to return to local government, having been a parish councillor when he lived in Oxfordshire.

"I moved back up here about six year ago," he said.

"You could see how other towns had prospered, but we had gone backwards.

"That made me ask a lot of questions.

"It was almost like Middlewich was a forgotten town.

"Having done it before, I'm under no illusion how hard it is to bring about change.

"The aim is to try and make sure our voices are heard and those of our residents and to try and improve communications.

"I'd also like to take the politics out of local government.

"I'm a great believer that there should be no politics at this level, there's no space for it.

"We need to work together as a collective team and get what we can for Middlewich."