A HGV driver says he has spotted a mysterious 'big cat' while driving through Cheshire.

Andy Crawford was driving near junction 18 of the M6 for Middlewich when he spotted a large black cat in a field.

It's not the first time there have been 'big cat' sightings in the north west, with many people coming forward over the years claiming they have spotted the mystery animal.

Andy said: "It wasn't a dog and it wasn't a normal cat, it was quite long.

"I'd say, at a guess, it was 50 to 100 metres away from me but of course I'm high up in my truck.

"It was two metres long and it had it's head down.

"That's what caught my eye – it was pure black in this green field.

"I don't normally believe in this sort of thing but there's absolutely nothing else it could have been."

Have you seen this mysterious 'big cat'?

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