VOLUNTEERS who offer their time, skills and experience to provide a vital service to St Luke's Hospice are being celebrated.

Trustees form part of a governing body to oversee the charity’s management and assets, making sure it is run sustainably, through consistent communication with staff.

Trustee Wendy Davies, a HR professional, said: “I have more than 35 years’ experience of working in large organisations mainly as a senior HR manager.

"When I gave up work two years ago I still wanted to be able to use my skills and my brain. Becoming a trustee has allowed me to do that and hopefully provide advice and direction when it has been needed to help the senior management team and the hospice.

“Also it is about giving back as St Luke's were a fantastic support to my mother-in-law when she was unwell, as well as supporting my father-in-law at a difficult time.

"Working with such a fantastic team who are supporting such a great cause is very rewarding.”

Trustee Tony Baxter, a regional director for Northern Rail, said: “I have found being a trustee a fantastic experience being able to support the organisation to deliver great care.

Trustee Tony Baxter says he has learnt a lot from this rewarding role

St Luke's Hospice trustee Tony Baxter says he has learnt a lot from this rewarding role

"The role has helped my own personal development and growth as it develops skills around governance in particular.

"I've also been lucky to learn from talented hospice colleagues and also trustees from many walks of life with different ideas and perspectives.”

The valuable role of these volunteers is being celebrated as part of national trustees week.

To find out more details about St Luke's board of trustees visit slhospice.co.uk/trustees/