CONSTRUCTION has started on a two-year project in King Street to improve the sewer network in Middlewich.

The new storm tank will help improve the water quality in the River Croco by reducing storm flows entering the river during heavy rainfall.

The project, which will take two years to complete, is being carried out by United Utilities to store sewer overflows during heavy rainfall then return them to the sewer system instead of to the river.

Dave Schofield, United Utilities’ third party co-ordinator, explained: "Our planned improvements to the sewer network in Middlewich involve building additional new equipment in the King Street area to store excess storm water.

"This will help to relieve pressure on the existing sewer system during heavy rain and improve the quality of water within the River Croco.

"Once conditions allow, the storm water would then be released back into the sewer network - so it can be treated and safely returned to the environment," he added.

The plans include the construction of a five-and-a-half metre high covered storage tank to hold storm water, a control kiosk, underground connecting pipework and manholes within a new fenced, and appropriately landscaped, area next to the existing pumping station site off King Street, Middlewich.

During the construction period a temporary compound area has been built to accommodate the engineering team, materials and equipment.

An integral part of the planning includes the development of a traffic management plan to ensure disruption to the local community and road network is minimised as much as possible.