ROOFER Jake Maughan repeatedly ignored his victim’s pleas for him to stop during a ‘prolonged and persistent’ sex attack.

The 29-year-old kissed and touched the woman in the 20-minute assault, even telling her she ‘didn’t have a choice’ as he forced her to touch him.

Maughan, of Booth Lane, Middlewich, was arrested and, at a hearing in October, pleaded guilty to six charges in relation to the incident.

Now he has been jailed for 10 years and nine months at Chester Crown Court after the judge deemed he posed a risk to the public.

Ryan Rothwell, prosecuting, told the court how the defendant had been messaging his victim on August 24 this year and after she stopped replying, turned up at her home later that night.

He said: "She opened the door and he walked in without invitation.

"When inside the property Maughan began telling his victim about problems he had with visiting rights for his own children.

"He asked for alcohol, which she refused to give to him as she believed he was already intoxicated.

"It was after this that Maughan began touching her leg, and after she asked him not to, moved on to touching her thigh."

Maughan ignored his victims further pleas to stop and began kissing her neck and after she moved away, continued to pester her, before he kissed her again.

"It was at this point she became scared and activated her phone and hid it on the sofa," Mr Rothwell continued.

"In the transcript of that phone recording, the victim can be repeatedly saying no, and at one point Maughan said to her 'you have to play with it, you have no choice."

The attack left the victim deeply shaken.

In a personal victim statement, she said: "I feel used, cheap and dirty.

"I question myself daily, asking if my house is even a home anymore.

"I feel empty, alone and embarrassed and the mental impact of what he did will never go away."

Charlotte Kelly, defending, said her client admitting how his actions on the night in question had been 'completely disgraceful'.

"He knows the impact it has had on his victim.

"It seems that he is struggling to come to terms with how he acted.

"He had been going through a difficult time since losing his father two years ago and found solace in drink and drugs."

Judge Michael Leeming said the victim had been home alone and rightly entitled to feel safe in that environment.

"She repeatedly said no to you, but you simply over-road her will," he said.

"This was a prolonged and persistent assault and your refused to listen to her pleas telling you to stop."

Maughan had carried out the assault while on licence, having been sentenced to serve eight weeks in custody for a drink driving offence in November last year.

Judge Leeming said the offence marked a serious escalation in Maughan's offending, having also served 14 months for robbery in 2015.

Deciding he posed a risk to the public, due to his attitude and entitlement to have sex, the judge extended the overall sentence to 10 years and nine months.

Maughan was also sentenced for each of the other five counts, including three sexual assaults and two for engaging in sexual acts without consent with those terms to be served concurrently.