A BAND of sisters are getting back in the habit of performing live as they get set to embark on a UK tour.

Baskery, a Scandinavian three piece, are about to begin a 15 date tour, which will see them perform at The Kings Lock Inn in Middlewich on Saturday, October 30.

It's not the first time the Swedish siblings have played at the venue, having clearly made the right kind of impression to be invited back.

Winsford Guardian: Baskery will play in Middlewich on October 30

Baskery will play in Middlewich on October 30

Greta Bondesson, the eldest of the three, spoke to the Guardian to tell us about the band and what people can expect.

She said: "We actually started off playing in a band with our Dad as he was a musician.

"He was actually a one man band and performing troubadour, playing around the pubs and bars in Sweden.

"I don't think he necessarily wanted us all to become musicians but it just happened that we followed along in his tracks."

The band, who have influences in blues, folk and Americana, actually began working on material around 15 years ago and started touring a few years later, after releasing their debut album.

"To try to keep it simple, we are quite unexpected," she explained.

"Looking from the instruments we play, people think we play quite traditional folk, country or Americana, because we have a double bass and a banjo.

"But we have decided to turn music on its head.

"We want to surprise people with what we can do with these instruments.

"They don't have to sound like what they are supposed to sound like.

"For example, I play a distorted slide banjo so it's more of a rowdy and aggressive sound than what people are maybe used to.

"We don't have any boundaries as to what we can do with these instruments.

"This gives us a surprise element to anyone who thinks they've figured us out by looking at a picture."

Greta is currently living in Tavistock in Devon, with sisters Stella and Sunniva residing in Stockholm and Berlin, so the tour will finally see the three reunited.

Tickets for the gig are available via baskeryband.com/tour-dates.