CHECKING your phone and finding a barrage of abuse on social media is not the way to live.

But, it is a harsh reality for more people than you would think.

Cyber-bullying relates to online bullying, but due to the fact it is associated with social media, it is often thought that it only really affects young people.

However, almost one in four British adults have also been subjected to it, and Winsford’s Chris Holden is one of them.

He wants to use his experience to help spark change by continuing to raise awareness.

“It started with myself being diagnosed with autism and I’ve had a lot of trolling online with bullying to the effect of I’ve contemplated ending my own life. Luckily I’ve been saved by some lovely people that have looked after me,” said Chris.

“I’m doing really well now. I’m just so settled and ready to go (and help make change)."

Chris, 37, also watched a film on the matter that sparked the want to take action after his inability to work has been caused by years of bullying.

“I was watching a film called Cyberbully about a girl who was trolled to death and committed suicide. I felt I understood what was going on here and I wanted to make a difference.

“I’d like to see more of a law taken against threatening and abusive behaviour because you don’t know what that person is going through, you don’t know what could tip them over the edge.

“I’d just like more pleasantness online to root out the online bullying, the nastiness and for someone to pay attention to what could potentially happen.”

Chris – who volunteers at a park with Friends of Winsford Town Park – sought the thoughts of Eddisbury’s MP Edward Timpson CBE on the issue of cyber-bullying.

He told him he was delighted that the recent Queen’s Speech included a commitment to ensure internet safety for all and that the Law Commission is currently reviewing whether new offices are necessary to deal with emerging issues such as cyber-flashing and 'pile-on' harassment.

Chris added: “They were very, very positive, more needs to be done and I think the words ‘got out there’ got out there.

“You can hide behind anonymous usernames and you could tip someone over the edge.”