A PASSION for music inspired two guitarists to rekindle a childhood friendship.

Joe Abbott, and Stephen Sheridan, both 27 and from Winsford, met when they were five living on the same estate and became best friends at high school.

The pair then went off on different paths until writing songs brought them back together.

Travelling around Australia spurred Joe to come up with tunes and lyrics which reminded him of their teenage days.

"Randomly Joe sent me some music he was working on," said Stephen. "We'd never spoken for years but I was thinking about him as well."

The duo formed a band called Sundaze when they met up on Joe's return to England and their unique blend of easy listening Indie soft rock has attracted fans in many different countries..

Joe, now married to Sophie with two children, Lily, two, and six-month-old son Milo, said: "The band's name is a musical tribute to summer. I was inspired by Australia where it is always sunny and everyone is happy. It is a beautiful place."

They recorded a demo tape and performed their first gig after lockdown at the opening of Eve's new co-op cocktail bar on Delamere Street in Winsford, which showcases the talents of local musicians and artists.

Sundaze performing at the opening night of Eves co-op cocktail bar

Sundaze performing at the opening of Eve's new cocktail bar in Winsford

Stephen said: "Our demo is a combination of old tracks we've released over the years and unreleased tunes. Me and Joe sat together practising once a week.

"We had a great evening at Eve's, it was very well received. We've got loads of new followers round the world, in Japan and Australia. We're looking for more gigs."

The band will be performing at The Kings Lock in Middlewich on Saturday, June 19, and at The Salty Dog in Northwich on Saturday, July 10.

The pair have just released a new EP and music video called Citronella and hope to have another record out in the summer.

"Music is my biggest passion," said Joe, who plays bass. "My dad Gary bought me my first bass when I was 16 and give me tips.

"He was a Winsford legend and played in a couple of bands including one called The Treatment Organisation which could have gone places.

"They played at a festival in the 80s and were above the Stone Roses and the La's. It was a couple of years before I was born."

Joe studied media, TV and film at college and produces all the band's records and videos.

Winsford Guardian:

Childhood friends and musicians Joe Abbott and Stephen Sheridan love writing songs together

"I taught myself about music production," he said. "Music means so much to me. It's a way of connecting with my emotions, just a bit of self exploration.

"Songs come from everyday life, the beauties in your day that just come to light.

"It's lovely to write about things happening to you. That is what people can relate to. Music can make you enjoy things, feel happy and sad."

Stephen, who plays guitar, also writes lyrics and they both enjoy jamming sessions.

"We both write songs together," he said. "Music means everything to both of us.

"The ideas come from simple things such as incense burners. My girlfriend bought loads of citronella sticks to keep flies away and Joe wrote the lyrics.

"We write love songs, just general social commentary.Whatever influences on the day we write.

"We have loads of songs, it's just picking the right one for our albums.

"Everything we have done so far ourselves has worked out well. We'll see how it goes."

A Chain of Events, Summer's Back, Half a Brain and U&Me are among their many tracks.

The lads hope to secure more gigs and yearn to give up their day jobs to perform full time.

Joe said: "If we could make a living from it and go to beautiful parts of the world that would be the dream.

"I would take my family with me and show them lovely places."

Tracks by Sundaze are available on Spotify and YouTube. To follow the band visit them on Facebook or Instagram @sundaze1730.