SPEEDING is an issue that Winsford and Middlewich residents feel passionately about.

This is according to a recent Facebook post by the Winsford and Middlewich Guardian in which readers provided their thoughts as to which roads need a speed camera to combat speeds.

There are 33 across Cheshire East and Cheshire West and Chester, and readers have had their say as to where additional ones should be based of their experience on the roads.

Chester Road in Winsford was one of the more popular suggestions where residents would like to see a speed camera.

Sharon O’Brien said: “Some people coming out of Winsford seem to put their foot down thinking it’s no speed limit.”

Phil Bates brought Bostock Road in Middlewich to light.

“We’re still waiting for the promised change to 50mph,” he said.

Kelly Whiteley highlighted Crook Lane in Winsford.

She said: “Speed humps don’t stop almost all the traffic along here.”

Swanlow Lane and Delamere Street in Winsford were also popular suggestions.

Other ideas included Woodford Lane, Nixon Drive, Bradbury Road, Weaver Street and Abbotts Way, all in Winsford.