CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save historic trees disappearing from a riverside landmark in Winsford have reached a compromise.

Residents were saddened to see Lawson cypress trees being felled at a new housing development on New Road.

Only two mature trees were left on the land, known locally as the Greedy Pig site.

Lane End Group and Weaver Vale Housing Trust are building 46 affordable homes on the site, with a further 27 apartments to follow in the second phase of the development.

Cheshire West and Chester Cllr Mike Baynham said: "We didn't know at the time that a substation has to be moved as part of the plan so the trees must be felled for this to be relocated."

Winsford resident John Malam, who originally called for the trees to be preserved, said: "It's always a loss to see mature trees removed but in this case there is a very welcome outcome.

"New trees will be planted and a list is being drawn up of suitable varieties.

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"Leaf colour, blossom, shape and spread are all being taken into account as the trees mature they will enhance this key location for generations to come.

"Lane End are also keen to site a display panel on the river frontage, telling the history of the area, which will be of interest to residents and visitors."

Lane End spokesman, Rob Stratton said: “We are committed to working with local groups and Lane End is a developer who understands the need to protect heritage wherever possible”.

The two distinctive trees will be felled in the next couple of weeks according to the original plan.

Cllr Mike Baynham added: “Despite the sad news that the trees will be taken down, it is really encouraging to see that by working together, residents and developers can have a partnership which invests in the local community."