CHILDREN will be litter picking to encourage them to have pride in the town.

PCSO Carl Laing is part of a team running mini cops, a project to help educate Winsford primary school children about citizenship and social responsibility.

The mini cops will be in Willow Wood School for the next three weeks, working with year 6 pupils.

PCSO Laing said: “We will teaching the pupils about a number local issues, including speeding and keeping the town clean.

“During our second session the pupils will be picking up litter in the area around the school and these grabbers will be fantastic.

"They will help the children understand the problem and contribute the community, while being kept safe.

“While working outside the school the pupils will be wearing hi-vis vests and will be supervised by myself and PCSO Leane Rigby, as well as the school staff.”

Winsford Litter Project has donated litter grabbers to this local police initiative.

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Steve Edwards, founder and chairman of the Winsford Litter Project said: “The grabbers have been donated by our kids club, some of whom attend Willow Wood.

“Carl and Leane are doing a fantastic job in getting the keep Winsford tidy message out to the kids in school.

"They are just the right age to really take this onboard and with initiatives like this we will all be living in a nicer and cleaner town for years to come.”

Any children who would like to get involved in cleaning up Winsford but don’t go to Willow Wood can ask their parents to sign them up on the Little Wombles Facebook page.