PETROL prices are reaching a high that has not been seen in almost two years.

The cost of filling up a typical 55-litre petrol family car has since risen by around £13, while a full tank of diesel is approximately £11 more.

Fuel sank to as low as £1.05 per litre of petrol and £1.12 per litre of diesel in May 2020, when the global shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic led to a collapse in the value of oil.

A litre of the fuel costs an average of £1.28 at UK forecourts, Government figures show.

It has not been that expensive since August 2019, according to analysis by the PA news agency.

With the rising costs to fill up, where can you find the cheapest unleaded and diesel petrol in and around Winsford and Middlewich according to We have left out Northwich stations as they can be found here.

Unleaded – Morrisons, Wharton Park Road and Shell Gem Davenham

Joint top of the unleaded list is Morrisons in Winsford and SHELL on London Road, both coming in at 127.9p per litre.

SHELL on Delamere street Winsford is in third place priced at 129.9p per litre.

Diesel - Texaco, King street

Texaco at the Gem Threeways Service Station leads the way for diesel with its price at 128.9p per litre.

Winsford's Morrisons on Wharton Park Road is in second at 129.9p per litre. Third place goes to SHELL's Gem Davenham station 130.9p per litre.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said drivers are “having to endure relentless pump price increases."

Petrol prices are the highest they have been in nearly two years - Image: PA Graphics

Petrol prices are the highest they have been in nearly two years - Image: PA Graphics

He described the timing as “pretty frustrating”, due to the rise in leisure trips.

“It doesn’t need to be this way,” Mr Williams insisted. “Given that wholesale petrol prices show there is scope for a 2p cut in prices, retailers really shouldn’t be increasing them.

“Diesel drivers have good reason to feel particularly aggrieved too as the wholesale price is very similar to that of petrol.

“Sadly, it looks as though many retailers are now taking a bigger margin than ever with every litre of fuel they’re selling, meaning drivers’ cash isn’t going as far each time they visit the forecourt.”