I’ve been pondering on what motivates some people. 

You know the ones I mean, those who don’t give a toss about anyone else, those who don’t appear to have a conscience and who think they can do exactly whatever they want and when they want.

My musings were prompted by two stories from Winsford. 

The first relates to spate of vandalism in parks and open spaces across Winsford that have seen play equipment set on fire while a handmade bench intended for people to sit by Winsford Flashes and remember people who have died as a result of Covid was trashed twice in a month.

The second story that caught my attention is a case of fly-tipping near houses in Bollin Avenue.

The question I would ask – and it’s one I have asked before – is why would people do this?

I simply don’t have an answer.

I can just about understand why someone with a load of rubbish they can’t legitimately get rid of would dump it. 

At least there’s a positive outcome for them, despite the fact it causes problems for other people. 

And if you are so selfish you simply don’t care how your actions affect others, I suppose you could just shrug your shoulders and get on with your life.

But I am struggling to come to terms with the psychology of why anyone would randomly destroy play areas or a public bench.

I’m going to make a massive assumption here. 

My guess is the perpetrators were teenagers and probably boys.

And while I’m making assumptions, I’m guessing they were bored and carried out the attacks ‘for kicks’.

Whatever their motivation, it’s clear someone or something has failed. 

Maybe it’s too simplistic to blame poor parenting but I suggest that’s a good place to start.

As Cllr Deputy Mayor Nathan Pardoe said: “No one in their right mind would vandalise a bench. Most people have lost someone to Covid or know someone who has.

“This heavy, violent damage is worrying. Anti-social behaviour has flared up and we don’t know why.”

And that’s the problem right there. We don’t know why.