A MESSAGE of confidence for the future has been shared by Middlewich children.

Pupils at Cledford Primary School have been inspired by the poet Amanda Gorman's themes of resilience and hope in her inspirational performance at President Biden's inauguration ceremony.

Each child in year 6 has created their own lockdown poems, reflecting on the things they are most looking forward to and what they've learnt about themselves over the past twelve months.

Sarah Frater, principal of Cledford Primary School, said: "As staff, we sometimes ask ourselves about our impact with the pupils and if we are helping to equip them to become young people and adults ready to be a successful future member of society. We needn’t have worried.

"If you want to see what resilient, positive and hopeful pupils we have the privilege of working with here, look no further than our year 6 children.

"Despite having the final two years of their primary education disrupted through the coronavirus pandemic, they have been reflecting this week on what they have learnt about themselves, the positives they will take from their experiences and their hopes for the future.

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"I am sure there is something that we can all learn from them, shared through this beautiful poem composed by the whole of class 13. Every single child in the class contributed a line to this collaborative piece."

When Lockdown Ends

When lockdown ends there is so much we will do.

We will see our friends and family,

go to restaurants and have desserts,

touch everything in a shop and pay with notes.

We’ve learnt new things about ourselves,

I’ve learnt that staying with my siblings isn’t that bad after all,

I can do algebra and bake muffins,

I can always rely on my loved ones,

We spent our days staring at our screens and wandering around the house,

exploring our town,

learning online,

riding our bikes.

Somehow we stayed inside, spoke online and stopped going to school,

We put our lives on hold.

When we couldn’t go to the cinema instead we watched movies at home.

When we couldn’t go to the barbers we let our parents give us risky Covid cuts,

When we couldn’t go to the supermarket we ordered our groceries online.

We’re getting used to our new normal and there’s a lot to remember.

We must try to wash our hands even though they’re sore,

We must wear the itchy masks in shops even when we don’t want to,

Let fresh air in even when it’s cold.

We must keep one another safe and happy.

This is our story to tell future generations

The past is behind us.

It is a story of vaccines, closed churches and a pandemic,

About how we can push through anything,

We can get through hard times together.

Now we’re stronger,

Now we’re back together,

Now we’re starting again.

When lockdown ends there is so much we will do.