A CHARITY is seeking technology-savvy volunteers to help get isolated older residents online.

Age UK Cheshire has received funding for a two-year project to help older residents communicate with their loved ones online.

The project will see residents loan an iPad for 12 weeks and receive training from a volunteer for at least one hour per week.

At the end of the scheme, the resident will be given advice on how to purchase a device that meets their online needs and receive further support on using it.

"We learnt from our own befriending work in the first lockdown that older people were digitally isolated," said Amy Jones, digital coordinator at Age UK Cheshire.

"They are missing out on video calls from loved ones, they cannot communicate by email and they are missing out on Zoom social gatherings.

"This is our way of getting them involved with technology but also reducing that social isolation.

"It is a brand new project, we are currently identifying clients that would benefit from it and we are trying to recruit some IT-savvy volunteers that can help us on the journey."

The scheme will help Cheshire West residents who are aged over 50, currently have no internet-enabled device at home, but do have an interest in purchasing some form of online technology.

Eligible residents would be referred to Age UK by other agencies, such as social services, the NHS or Citizens Advice.

Volunteers would need to have a knowledge of how to use devices for online communications and be comfortable training older people to use them.

For more information on volunteering call Hazel on 01606 305015.