NEW specialist play equipment for disabled children is being installed in Winsford parks.

A swing, boat, train and climbing frame should be in place by the end of March.

Winsford Town councillors have set aside £10,000 towards the total cost of £24,000 to buy, install and insure the equipment.

Members hope to secure £4,000 from Cheshire West and Chester Council and further funding from other organisations and grants.

This is one of three projects members approved at a meeting on Monday evening to improve the town's parks and open spaces.

The play area at Leaf Lane will be renovated and work is set to be carried out at Wharton Allotments.

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Cllr Lyndsay Barwell, chairman of the open spaces committee, said: "I am happy that we are now in consultation about the accessible play equipment.

"We hope to get as much information as possible to make the best decision. If we need to modify anything, pathways or on which equipment to buy. We are not experts, the people using the equipment are the experts.

"Anyone who is interested it and has something to say should get in touch."

A variety of play equipment will be installed in one or more of the town's parks.

Winsford resident Charlie Parkinson who has been campaigning for play equipment for disabled children and their families has welcomed the investment.

The Wharton grandad said: "I'm absolutely delighted that common sense has finally prevailed. This is something that should have been provided when Winsford Town Park first opened.

"I have seen families down there with young children and an older sibling in a wheelchair. They are onlookers and can't join in.

"This is great idea. I would like to thank all town councillors for their support."

Hebden Green School and disability awareness groups are being consulted.

Councillors also plan to replace play equipment at Leaf Lane park to deliver safe environment for children to enjoy.

Winsford Town Council has pledged £35,000 in revenue and capital spending towards the cost and intends to secure the remaining £51,000 from other sources of funding.

Members have vowed to invest a further £10,000 towards the total cost of £14,500 to instal new gates at the entrance to Wharton Allotments and improve landscaping and drainage.