A GIFTED student who can speak seven languages has set up her own school.

Chloe Donnelly came up with the idea in the bedroom of her Winsford home during the first lockdown.

The 22-year-old is now teaching 50 students on four different continents through her business, CMD Tutoring.

"If you give me me a language I have never studied, a week later I could have a fluent conversation with you," said Chloe, who is studying for a joint honours degree in Spanish and Italian at Bangor University.

"My dream is to learn every language in the world. There are 6,500 including indigenous and extinct ones."

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The undergraduate discovered her incredible talent when she was a pupil at Winsford Academy, after being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

"I struggled to pay attention but my Spanish teacher Daniel Gough saw my potential," said Chloe. "Spanish was the only lesson where I had no desire to be disruptive. Every single second of the lesson had my full attention.

"I am currently being assessed for autism because learning languages is my hyperfixation. The reason I learn languages so quickly is that I treat them like a video game.

"For example, in the adventure game Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the more languages I learn, the more places in the world I will end up unlocking.

"Every language you learn is a key to open more opportunities and adventures." After developing a unique technique, Chloe has even mastered dialects such as Catalan and Galician and can also speak Romanian, Welsh and Indonesian.

"I colour code all the languages," she said. "If I'm thinking in Spanish I see words in my head as pink, French is blue, Italian purple and so on.

"I fall asleep listening to audio books and absorb the language while I am asleep."

Winsford Guardian: Chloe lived in Florence for a year as part of her degree courseChloe lived in Florence for a year as part of her degree course

Chloe lived in Florence for a year as part of her degree course

Children and adults who have never spoken a foreign language have achieved incredible success through her inspirational online lessons.

"My youngest student is four and oldest is 60," said Chloe, who concentrates on her own studies during the day and teaches every evening. "I have students in Hong Kong, Australia and the USA.

"One girl who is nine is learning quicker than I can teach her. She has already passed her 11 plus exams and is now studying for GCSE.

"A seven-year-old boy who didn't speak any French can now have a proper conversation.

"I learn best by teaching. All of my students motivate me to succeed."

Chloe plans to complete a post graduate teaching qualification, Masters and PhD.

After living in Florence for a year, she may emigrate to Italy.

"I fell in love with that city," said Chloe. "What I love about learning a language is that you learn about the culture and history of how it evolved.

"My goal is to keep my school running until I retire."