GUARDIAN readers have given the thumbs up to the idea of teachers, school staff and childcare workers getting priority for coronavirus vaccines.

A debate on whether those workers are given priority for the Covid jab will get under way in the House of Commons from 6pm this evening, January 11.

It follows a petition started which has been signed by more than 458,000 people across the country – including 863 in the Congleton constituency, 773 in Eddisbury, 689 in Tatton and 670 in Weaver Vale as of 5.10pm today.

Asked if they backed the move last week, the majority of more than 200 readers who commented across the Guardian’s Facebook pages gave their support to the move.

Harinder Notay said: “Yes if you want the children to go back to school. No brainer.”

Sarah Ganczarski said: “If the Government were serious about keeping schools open they should have been on the priority list already, and if they want them to re-open after Feb half term it's a no brainer.”

Kelly Sweeney added: “I think if the priority is keeping schools open vaccinate the school staff so they can without the fear of closing a bubble.”

Some readers wanted other key workers to get priority too.

Kirsty Daniels said: “All front-line key workers (NHS, Blue light, teaching, retail, and social workers) should get it as a priority. These people are keeping the country moving and our children are our future.

“Sorry, but I don’t think anyone over 80 particularly with existing medical conditions is a priority over teachers and other key workers.”

Donna Burs said: “Yes definitely all school staff and any other key workers. My husband has worked through the whole pandemic and all lockdown and I am a key worker in a school so it would help our family.”

Julie Elizabeth added: “Make all key workers a priority – which includes teachers – even before people who are self-isolating for whatever reason.

“If you’re out as a key worker then of course the risk is greater as you’re in contact with others.”

However, some readers suggested that school staff should wait for their turn to have a vaccine as currently planned.

Rachael Tunbridge said: “No not unless they are high risk for serious illness or death from this disease in which case they will be prioritised anyway.

“The vulnerable, the people most likely to fill up the hospitals, and their carers have to be the first people vaccinated.”

Paul Ming said: “So are they more important than bus drivers, taxi drivers who take SEN kids to school? We all want the vaccine as soon as we can get it but must all be patient.”

Megan Rachael Freel added: “I think the vulnerable first, then care and NHS, then everyone still dealing with the public should, then everyone else.”

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