PARENTS have been overwhelmed by the support they have received from a Winsford Primary School.

Winsford mum Charlotte Gibson has teamed up with parents to treat staff at Over Hall Community School to a surprise gift.

An Go Fund Me appeal has raised almost £200 to show teachers how much they are appreciated.

The mum-of-six has also nominated headteacher Claire Edgeley for a national honour, with the backing of parents.

Charlotte said: "Teachers at Over Hall have been absolutely amazing. Right from the first lockdown they have been going out of their way to make sure we are all alright and have enough food. They are there for anyone and everyone.

"They don't just help the children but also give moral support to all the parents. The headteacher Mrs Edgeley goes above and beyond. She has delivered food parcels and is constantly on the phone to make sure we are Ok.

"It's like having a big mum at the school, she is incredible."

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Charlotte's son William, seven, is attending school whilst daughter Maisie-Mai, nine, studies at home.

Brother Reggie, four, attends a specialist school, sisters Edie, three, and Martie, two, are at nursery and one-year-old Queenie is at home.

"We have done a fundraiser for teachers as a little bit of appreciation to say thank you for what they do," said Charlotte. "When lockdown is over they could perhaps go out for a meal.

"It is an amazing school. The headteacher needs a medal because she goes out of her way to try and keep everything as normal as possible."

Headteacher Claire Edgeley said: "The staff are overwhelmed and extremely grateful for the support and recognition from parents.

"As staff we recognise that parents themselves are put into a difficult position, firstly making the decision of sending them into school, if the option is available, and then to support their learning, sometimes the learning of more than one child.

"This generous and thoughtful act is a clear demonstration of the strong relationship between home and school – this in itself helps to ensure everything runs smoothly.

"We will continue to do our very best for our Over Hall family and look forward to seeing them all very soon. Thank you all for taking the time and effort to support school as indeed, together we are stronger."

Schools across the town, she said, are making every effort to reach out to families and support each other.

Mrs Edgeley said:" I know that all schools are working hard to support the children and families. As part of Winsford Education Partnership, headteachers are constantly sharing ideas to help each other.

"Every school, in fact every day in each school, poses different challenges or needs. Staff at Over Hall and across Winsford are trying to make the best decision for all, making the very best out of a difficult time."