GHOST hunters are uncovering some fascinating finds.

Middlewich Shadows Paranormal Investigations share their discoveries live on social media.

The group of four enthusiasts only started 10 weeks ago and have already attracted 1,200 followers.

Leon Brookes, 38, said: "We have had a good response talking to the spiritual side. What intrigued me was that I was a bit of sceptic but when you go along and get stuff coming through, then you actually say 'wow'.

Leon, who works at Winsford Salt Mine as a contract coordinator, has teamed up with son Daniel, 20, brother Ian, 43 and a close family friend to set up the group.

Each time they investigate they take specialist recording equipment to capture what they see and hear.

"We went to my great grandma's grave and put some clear plastic balls which light up and flash when they are touched and moved. We asked the spirit to make it go on and when it did it was quite a magical experience.

"I am a Christian and believe in life after death. I am a spiritualist person. When my mum died I went into my house on my own and felt someone stroking the back of my head and heard children. Two days later when we were burying her ashes I found out she was buried near children. It was as if I could hear them playing."

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The group is now raising money for former military personnel who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, a condition Leon's brother Ian suffers from.

"My brother served in the infantry with the Cheshires in Iraq and Afghanistan and saw some bad stuff," said Leon, who is a member of Middlewich Round Table "I don' think his mind has settled since he came back.

"We are selling merchandise with our logo on it, sweatshirts and car stickers. Any profit we make will go towards this charity. We've already raised £60 from a raffle."

The group visits derelict buildings every Saturday but never discloses the location.

"Most of the places we go to are abandoned," said Leon. "It is dangerous if you don't know whta you are doing but we are guided by several mediums who advise us. We do ask for protection while we are doing it.

"We say opening and closing prayers. I get comfort from it. If we can help a trapped spirit which we have done so they can see the light and get to the other side that is good.

"It's all about team work."

To support the group's fundraising visit Middlewich Shadows Paranormal Investigators on Facebook.