A TEAM of 'angels' is providing a lifeline for elderly and vulnerable residents during lockdown in Winsford.

Mum Jo Conchie set up a Good Neighbour scheme in March, recruited volunteers and organised an emergency outreach service.

Volunteers have once again swung into action and are busy shopping, running errands and collecting prescriptions for older people shielding at home and families with sick children.

Jo, 38, from Winsford, said: "I've been absolutely blown away by volunteers who are so selflessly jumping to help. They are all so positive, they really are inspiring people. I can't thank them enough.

"I'm the orchestrator, it was my idea but I couldn't do this without their support. People have described us as angels and say they don't know how they'd cope without us.

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"One of our lovely volunteers Debbie Lord does regular shopping for various elderly people every week without fail. She doesn’t drive, so does it all on her push bike with a trailer attached for the shopping."

Winsford Guardian:

Volunteer Debbie Lord who shops for elderly people every week on her bike

Jo has secured insurance and funding, set up a helpline and takes daily referrals from the council, NHS agencies, GPs, social workers, emergency services, pharmacies and vulnerable people themselves.

Families with chronically sick children, young people with breathing difficulties and isolated pensioners have turned to her team for help.

"When I first set this up I didn't realise how big it would get," said Jo, a freelance TV producer. "It has provided these people with a safety blanket, knowing they are not going to be on their own without any help.

"To be part of this lovely network of volunteers makes me feel really honoured."

To seek help visit goodneighbourwinsford.com or facebook.com/helpaneighbourwinsford