PEOPLE suffering with blocked ears can still seek help during lockdown.

Winsford audiologist Wendy Pilkington is allowed keep her clinic open.

The mum-of-three said: "If you can't hear properly it can be very isolating. Lots of people can be really struggling when they can only hear in one ear."

After working as an NHS audiologist for 17 years, Wendy retired a year ago and opened up her own business at home.

Cheshire Ear Wax Removal has been treating patients since March 2019.

"I use microsuction which is a kinder and gentler way to remove wax as there is no water involved," said Wendy. "This means there is no pressure on the eardrum from a jet of water as there is with syringing.

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"You just need to apply some olive oil or almond oil to the ears for a couple of days and we are good go go."

The clinic is Covid safe.

"I am very conscious about my patients' safety at these difficult times," she said. "I wear a mask, visor, apron and gloves.

"The room is sanitised between each patient. I take everyone's temperature before we begin and there is plenty of hand sanitiser."

For more information call 07738 706404.