CORONAVIRUS vaccination centres are being created in Morrisons car parks.

Winsford is one of the first three stores which will be hosting jabs from Monday.

A further 47 of the supermarket chain's sites are being made available to the Government.

The retail giant is one of a number of companies offering to help in the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Chief executive David Potts said the assets of the company are "at the disposal of the country".

"We'll have three stores operating from Monday 11th January and we have offered up another 47 subject to requirements and availability of the vaccine," he said.

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He added that the new lockdowns - including the order for vulnerable people to shield - are likely to affect the same 2,500 workers at the supermarket who were forced to shield during the March lockdown.

As a result of extra Covid-related costs, the supermarket will spend a further £10 million and has seen a fall in takings due to cafe closures and fuel as fewer journeys are made.

Mr Potts said the company's total Covid costs for the year have increased to £280 million.

As shoppers adjust to the new lockdown, he said, the supermarket will not introduce restrictions on certain products initially.

"We haven't got limits on things like pasta and flour and all of those things that people seem to stock up on," he said.

"I think we'll see how the British people handle the news. Clearly we can turn it on fairly sharpish and it's really making sure that everyone has stock."

The first lockdown in March saw supermarket shelves across the country stripped bare and bosses are keen to avoid similar scenes.