A MUCH-LOVED boy who died on Christmas Day will have a funeral fit for a prince.

Winsford Academy pupil Cason Hallwood, 12, will be carried through the streets of Winsford in a white glass carriage led by white horses.

His family has been bowled over by generosity from the community after more than £15,000 has been donated on a Go Fund Me page.

Heartbroken mum Louise, 38, said: “The support has been truly overwhelming. The money raised is absolutely amazing. Saying thank you doesn't seem enough.

“The generosity is not just from our amazing town but globally. Wow, my boy has touched so many people. I wanted him to have the best, to go off in a style fit for a prince."

Winsford Guardian:

Winsford Academy student Cason Hallwood

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Losing Cason has left a big hole in the family.

"He was an absolute character," said Louise. "There wasn't a day he didn't make me laugh or smile. He was just amazing.

Winsford Guardian:

Cason when he was younger

"I called called him my giant baby. He was never naughty, he just couldn't sat still and broke everything he touched. I was constantly replacing play stations, TV monitors, and mobile phones. He was heavy handed. He was a loveable rogue but he had a great big heart."

Winsford Guardian:

Cason always helped anyone in need

Cason always helped anyone in need and had a big circle of close friends.

"He stood up against bullies," said Louise. "One girl told me he saved her life after she took an overdose. He was always there for the underdog."

Cason's brother Caiden has named his new puppy, bought to help him cope with the grief,  Angel after Cason.

"Cason adored his family and was dead close with my dad Albie," said Louise. "They were always dancing round the kitchen together.

"I just miss everything about him, all the liveliness and cheekiness. You knew when he got up because he was like a baby elephant going across the landing. He used to bomb down the stairs. It's all quiet now and it's horrible.

Winsford Guardian:

'You'll never get another Cason, they broke the mould when they made him'

"You'll never get another Cason, they broke the mould when they made him.

“I am proud to have been his mum.”

Cason died suddenly after spending Christmas Day with his three brothers, twins Cowen and Corley, 18, and Caiden, 13.

Winsford Guardian: Cason, second from right, with mum Louise and three brothersCason, second from right, with mum Louise and three brothers

Cason, second from right, with mum Louise and three brothers

The family shared a dinner with grandparents before Cason went out to play with friends at Wharton Recreation Park.

It is believed that Cason, who is asthmatic and has a nut allergy, may have died following an anaphylactic shock.

Sam said: "Cason had woken up and opened presents with his three brothers. Everything had been perfect. After dinner Cason said he was going to the park where he soon became unwell saying he couldn't breathe.

"He's been in hospital millions of times with asthma and been on nebulisers."

Cason was given a shot from his epinephrine pen, but after this failed to work was taken to Leighton Hospital where he died a short time later.

"Cason was a handsome whirlwind," said Sam. "He was the life and soul of his family's life, especially his mum Louise. He was her baby. He made his mum laugh and cry, but most importantly he adored her."

Cason's carriage will leave his home in Wharton Gardens at 12.30pm on Friday, January 15 and taken to Fowles Funeral Services in Delamere Street.

Friends and wellwishers are expected to line the route as the cortege travels along Wharton Road and through the town centre. The funeral will be held at Birches Crematorium and Remembrance Park in Birches Lane, Lach Dennis at 2pm.

After the service, the family will lay flowers at a tree in Wharton Recreation Park, which is already showered with bouquets and condolence messages.