A NEWLY-MARRIED man was heartbroken after losing his wedding ring building a snowman for his daughter.

James Bartles-Morgan, 29, from Winsford, only got married two months ago and feared he would never see his precious gold band again.

The couple had to rearrange their wedding three times due to the pandemic and finally tied the knot in a small family ceremony during tight lockdown restrictions.

James and wife, Louise spent all day hunting in the snow for the missing ring and had almost given up hope.

Miraculously, a pair of Winsford metal detector enthusiasts Darrell Sime and Mike Watson offered to help and found the missing ring 26 hours later.

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Winsford Guardian:

Darrell Sime and Mike Watson found James' lost wedding ring with a metal detector

Teacher Louise, 29, said: "My jaw hit the floor, it was so emotional. They found it straightaway, it was amazing. I thought it had gone forever. My dad had even offered one of his rings as a replacement."

The couple were playing in the snow with their excited two-year-old daughter Monica near their home in The Shires.

"We went out first thing when it first snowed," said Louise, who is expecting their second child in March. "Monica was absolutely wild about the snow.

"James made a snowman on a field. It was only when we got home and he was putting a Christmas toy together for Monica that he realised his wedding ring was missing."

Louise scoured the snow and painstakingly retraced every step James had taken in a bid to find the ring.

"I was kicking the snowman," said Louise. "A dog walker who went past must have thought I was mental but I couldn't find it."

Metal detector enthusiast Darrell said: "It's just a hobby. I usually go to the beach and wander round. This is the first time I've ever found a piece of jewellery for someone.

"We found the ring in around 40 minutes. We knew it was a fresh drop so it would be near the top. I changed the settings on the metal detector and picked it up straightaway.

"It was awesome. To end the year on a note like that is wonderful."

The couple only got married in October, after re-arranging their wedding three times.

Louise said: "We originally planned a big wedding in Wales in May and then had to re-organise it. A week before the third date in October, the rules changed and we had to cut our guests from 30 to 15.

Winsford Guardian:

Louise and James Bartles-Morgan with daughter Monica on their wedding day

"We did have a wonderful day at a beautiful old church in Abergele."

Louise posted a plea for help on social media and metal detector enthusiasts Mike Watson and Darrell Sime came to the rescue.

"We showed them where the snowman was, " said Louise. "They found the ring in a slushy puddle where the snowman had been in just 40 minutes. We can't believe we are so lucky. They said they were really glad to help. We dropped some wine round to thank them, we are so grateful."