A SCHOOLGIRL has been hailed a hero for saving her mum's life.

Mum-of-two Helen Dixon suddenly collapsed in the bedroom of her home in Middlewich in a seizure.

Mia heard the thud and immediately rang an ambulance.

The eight-year-old not only followed instructions from paramedics and cleared her mum's airway, but also made sure her one-year-old baby sister Ava was kept safe.

Winsford Guardian:

Mia with mum Helen and baby sister Ava

"I have never had a seizure before," said Helen, 38, who lived in Winsford for eight years. "Mia heard the loud bang and came upstairs where she found me unresponsive and seizing on the bedroom floor, my airway was blocked.

Winsford Guardian:

Mia stayed calm as she resuscitated her mum and made sure baby sister Ava was safe

"Whilst keeping incredibly calm, Mia told paramedics I was unresponsive and they told her to tilt my head back, clear my airway which she did. She told them I was breathing again and put me in a recovery position.

"When the police and ambulance arrived, Mia put Ava in her crib to make sure she was safe and ran down to let them in."

Winsford Guardian:

Mia was able to tell paramedics about her mum's illness and where she keeps her medication

Retired police officer Helen, was left registered disabled after being beaten up whilst on duty 10 years ago and suffers hemiplegic migraines and Hemicrania headache disorder.

"Mia knows mummy takes medication and suffers with these illnesses and was able to give this information to paramedics," said Helen. "She also gave them details of a family friend who stayed with the children whilst I was in hospital."

Mia, now nine, has been awarded a rare Blue Peter gold badge for her incredible bravery and was excited to receive it.

Winsford Guardian:

Teachers at Middlewich Primary School commended her quick-thinking and treated her to a tea party.

Mia also received a life saver's award from North West Ambulance Service.

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"She saved my life," said Helen. "I can't thank her enough.It was only when I came home from hospital that she broke down crying and said she realised she could have lost mummy. She was so scared."

Winsford Guardian:

It was only when Helen came home from hospital that Mia broke down crying and said she realised she could have lost her mum

Helen has written to ask the Queen to recognise Mia's incredible bravery.

"As a former police officer myself, it's rare a child of such a young age acts so heroically," said Helen, who served with Greater Manchester Police.  "To be so calm and collected during what was one of the most frightening times of her life is amazing.

"My daughter saved my life that day and her actions were way beyond her young years.

"Mia is such a caring child. She is the best big sister Ava could wish for, she is so loving and caring for her. They have a wonderful relationship.

Winsford Guardian:

Mia and baby sister Ava who have a wonderful relationship

"She adores horse riding and loves animals. She is an amazing little girl. She loves science and wants to be a doctor or a vet.

Winsford Guardian:

Mia adores horse riding

"I am the most proud mummy you could ever imagine because without my daughter's actions on that day I may not be here to tell you just how wonderful Mia is."

Helen, who graduated in abuse studies two years ago, has now vowed to help other victims of police abuse.

Winsford Guardian:

Mia with mum Helen as she graduated with a degree in abuse studies

"I and now setting up a foundation to assist victims of police abuse. I'm currently doing a Masters in criminology, all based on police abuse, corruption and miscarriages of justice, I absolutely love it. "